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BHtv Experts at a Glance

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New Video: You Can Do This!

Biblical Health Television has an ambitious vision to nourish the spirit, soul, and body of Christians worldwide with the holistic gospel of Biblical health. Our battle cry for this global revolution is: "You Can Do This!" Check out our new 2-minute inspiring video that perfectly captures the BHtv message.

Announcing: Curriculum for Life

The revolution continues, as BHtv's life-changing and life-saving video series, "Lessons for Healthy Living 2.0" is now a 35 week, 700+ page curriculum. "Curriculum for Life" is designed for middle and high schoolers, but is beneficial and fun for the whole family. 'Train up your children' healthy!

Natural Healing: Essential Oils

What natural remedy is anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-fungal, anti-tumoral, boosts your immune system, helps to balance your hormones, brings healing on a cellular level, and even promotes emotional wellness? Learn how our Creator has given us "leaves for medicine" in essential oils.