HESK™ PHP Help Desk Software


» Install HESK

  1. Upload HESK files to your server (http://www.site.com/helpdesk)

  2. Make sure these are writable by PHP:
    - file hesk_settings.inc.php - CHMOD it to 666 (rw-rw-rw-)
    - directory attachments - CHMOD it to 777 (rwxrwxrwx)

  3. Open install directory in your browser (http://www.site.com/helpdesk/install)

  4. Click New Install and follow the steps to check requirements and setup MySQL

  5. Delete the install directory.

  6. Open admin directory (http://www.site.com/helpdesk/admin)
    -> Default username: Administrator
    -> Default password: admin

  7. The customer interface is at http://www.site.com/helpdesk

  8. Things to do next:

    • Profile - set your name, email, signature and a new password.
    • Settings - set website URL, title and get familiar with HESK settings.
    • Users - create new staff accounts.
    • Categories - create help desk categories/departments.
    • Knowledgebase - create knowledgebase (FAQ) categories and articles.
    • Canned - set reply templates (canned responses).
  9. Support HESK development by purchasing a license

  10. Good luck using HESK!

» Upgrade from old HESK version

Known upgrade issues:

Upgrade steps:

    ... or don't blame me if something goes wrong.

  2. Delete or rename these HESK files/folders on the server:
    - /language
    - hesk_style.css
    - secimg.inc.php

    HESK upgrade script might instruct you to delete some additional files.

  3. Upload all HESK files to your server EXCEPT these ones (do NOT upload these files):
    - hesk_settings.inc.php
    - header.txt
    - footer.txt

  4. Make sure these are writable by PHP:
    - file hesk_settings.inc.php - CHMOD it to 666 (rw-rw-rw-)
    - directory attachments - CHMOD it to 777 (rwxrwxrwx)

  5. Open install directory in your browser (http://www.site.com/helpdesk/install)

  6. Click Update existing install and follow instructions to update MySQL tables.

  7. Delete the install directory.

  8. Open admin panel (http://www.site.com/helpdesk/admin) and login with your username. If the password doesn't work anymore try reseting it.

  9. Test HESK to make sure the upgrade was successful and everything works.

  10. If you own a HESK license you might need to download a new one.

    If not, consider supporting HESK by purchasing a license.

  11. Good luck using HESK!

» Help & Support

  1. Read help section in the Step by step guide

  2. Visit HESK Knowledgebase

  3. Search HESK Support forum (username: php password: php)

» Email piping

HESK comes with limited support for email piping - creating tickets from incoming emails.

To enable email piping for your help desk please follow this email piping tutorial.

» Customize the look

» Translate HESK to your language

HESK supports multiple languages, translating it to your language is easy.

To translate HESK read How do I translate HESK.

» Customize email messages

To customize email messages sent by HESK read Customize email templates.

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