Interactive help for Hesk settings


» Help desk settings

Help desk title

Title of your support desk, for example "My company Help Desk"

Hesk URL

URL of the folder where your Hesk will be installed. Do NOT add a trailing / to the URL!
WRONG: (don't end the URL with a / )

System/root path

Full server path ("root path", "system path") to your Hesk folder. Hesk will try to find the correct path automatically, if not consult your hosting company for the correct path.


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Listings per page

The default number of tickets listed per page in admin panel. Use digits only.

Print font size

Font size on the "Printer friendly version" pages of support tickets

Autoclose tickets

If a ticket has no activity from the customer for X days it automatically closes. Set to 0 to disable autoclose.


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Allow automatic login

If set to YES staff will have an option to automatically login to their account every time they open HESK administration panel from their computer. If disabled HESK will only be able to remember usernames, not passwords.

Auto-assign tickets

Tickets will automatically be assigned to a staff member when submitted.

Several factors are taken into account when assigning tickets automatically, such as ticket category and number of currently open assigned tickets.


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Reopen tickets

Set to ON to allow customers to reopen a ticket once it has been closed. When set to OFF once closed the customer will have to open a new ticket.

Reply rating

If set to ON customers will be able to mark staff replies as Helpful or Not helpful. This customer feedback will be used to rate staff.

Customer priority

If set to ON customers will be able to set priority/urgency for their tickets ranging from Low to High. If set to OFF all tickets will be submitted with the default priority (Low) and only staff will be able to change the priority level to a higher one.


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Sequential IDs

If enabled, all tickets will also show a sequential ID number. This should allow easier customer-staff communication about a ticket (saying ticket ID 45 rather than ticket ID GHS-G5E-A6T8). However, only staff will be able to view tickets by sequential numbers.

Confirm email

If enabled, customers will need to confirm their email address by typing it twice when submitting a ticket.

List usernames

If set to ON staff usernames be listed in a select box on the admin login page and they will only need to type their password in. Recommended setting: OFF (staff will have to type both their username and password to login)


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Email piping

Enables email piping (creating tickets from emails). This option just enables email piping functionality in HESK, to complete email piping setup please refer to the readme.html file.

Debug mode

Turns ON/OFF the debug mode. In normal usage debug mode should be turned OFF. Turn ON only if you are having problems and Hesk is not working properly. Don't forget to turn back OFF when Hesk is working normally again.


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Use anti-SPAM image

Toggles use of the anti-SPAM security image. This feature requires GD library for PHP installed and enabled on your server, refer to the readme.html file for details.

Possible values:
OFF (disabled)
ON - Customers (customers are required to enter a valid security number to be able to create a ticket)
ON - All (image shows when submitting ticket and in staff login form)


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Use anti-SPAM question

Toggles use of the anti-SPAM security question. This is a very simple yet quite effective way of combating spammers (not if they decide to target your website specifically but it should block all the spambots travelling the web). The idea is to create a unique question that only humans can answer to. You can use HTML code in the question. Answers are not CaSe SeNSiTiVe. Some examples:

-> Question -> Answer
What color is water? Blue
What is the next number after four? (use only digits) 5
Type access code ABCDE here: ABCDE
Access code: (find it on the bottom of our links page) Somecode

Warning! DO NOT use these examples, use a unique question that will only be used on your website!


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Login attempts limit & Ban time (minutes)

This feature limits brute-force attacks to either login to HESK or view tickets.

After Login attempts limit number of failed attempts to view a ticket or login to HESK the IP address will be banned for Ban time (minutes).

View tickets

If enabled (checked), customers will need to enter both their email address and ticket tracking ID to view the contents of a tickets. If disabled, only entering ticket tracking ID will suffice.


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» Attachments

Use attachments

Select YES to enable file attachments. If enabled customers and support staff will have the option to attach files to support tickets.

NOTE: If and how file attachments will work depends on your server settings, please refer to readme.html for considerations and possible limitations of file attachments on your server.

Number per post

Number of file attachments allowed per post. Optimal range is around 1 to 4. This setting is only available if "Use attachments" is set to YES.


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File size limit (Kb)

File size limit per attachment measured in Kb (kilobytes). Enter only digits without "Kb". Note that the maximum upload file size is limited by your server settings, please refer to readme.html for more information on file attachment limits. This setting is only available if "Use attachments" is set to YES.

A few size transformations for reference:
1 Mb = 1024 Kb
0.5Mb = 512 Kb
2 Mb = 2048 Kb

Allowed file types

Allowed file extensions for attaching files. To add more extensions use the same formatting .ext and separate them with a comma. This setting is only available if "Use attachments" is set to YES.


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