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Knowledgebase (KB)

Set to ON to enable knowledgebase or to OFF to disable it. Knowledgebase is a categorized collection of answers to frequently asked questions (FAQ) and articles.
TIP: A comprehensive, well written and organized knowledgebase is a great self help resource for your customers. Taking time to write and maintain knowledgebase articles can save you a lot of time and drastically reduce the number of support tickets you receive in the future! It also helps your customers solving problems quickly without having to wait for your reply.


This will enable a What You See Is What You Get type editor (a rich-text editor) for the knowledgebase articles rather than a simple text editor.

Suggest KB articles

If set to YES Hesk will match ticket subject and message against knowledgebase articles and recommend customers to read matching articles before submitting a new support ticket.


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Enable KB rating

Set to YES to allow customers to rate knowledgebase articles as Helpful or Not helpful

Enable KB search

Enabling this feature will show a search form on top of help desk customer interface and allow them to use the search form to search your knowledgebase.

You can choose to display a small search box (located in the top right corner) or a large one (more visible, covers entire page width).


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Max search results

This is the maximum matching results Hesk will return when someone searches the knowledgebase.

Article preview length

The length (number of chars) of knowledgebase article content that will be displayed in article list when browsing knowledgebase categories.


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Categories in row

Number of (sub)categories to be displayed in table row when browsing knowledgebase.

Subcategory articles

Number of (preview) articles listed in subcategory display.


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Show popular articles

Number of popular (most visited) articles shown on help desk index and knowledgebase index pages. Set to 0 to disable listing popular articles.

Show latest articles

Number of latest (most recently submitted) articles shown on help desk index and knowledgebase index pages. Set to 0 to disable listing latest articles.


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