Interactive help for Hesk settings


Email sender

Select wether HESK should send emails usign PHP mail() function or using a manually setup SMTP server.

PHP mail() should work on most setups, if it doesn't you may try setting up a SMTP server instead.

Available SMTP variables:

SMTP Host - hostname of your SMTP server, usually localhost or
SMTP Port - your SMTP port, usually 25
SMTP Timeout - SMTP timeout in seconds
SMTP Username - your SMTP username (if used)
SMTP Password - your SMTP password (if used)


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Server time offset

If your server time differs from your local time you can set the time difference here. Examples:
server time: 12:30, local time: 13:30, set hours to 1 and minutes to 0
server time: 12:30, local time: 14:45, set hours to 2 and minutes to 15
server time: 12:30, local time: 09:30, set hours to -3 and minutes to 0
server time: 12:30, local time: 11:00, set hours to -1 and minutes to -30

Daylight saving

ON if your country uses daylight saving time. Set to OFF to disable daylight saving time


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Time format

Advanced users only! This is PHP date syntax for timestamps displayed by Hesk. Use only one space in the syntax (separating date and time), Hesk will use the space to break date and time into two lines! For full syntax to use see PHP date manual. Examples you can use to display 31st December 2008 14:35:53
Y-m-d H:i:s will show 2008-12-31 14:35:53
d-m-Y H:i:s will show 31-12-2008 14:35:53
m-d-Y H:i:s will show 12-31-2008 14:35:53
j-M-Y H:i:s will show 31-Dec-2008 14:35:53
j-M-Y g:ia will show 31-Dec-2008 2:35pm


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Admin link

If selected a link to admin panel will be displayed on the bottom of your help desk index page.


Select to remove the Rate this script link from the administrator/staff interface main page.

Submit notice

If checked, the Submit a ticket form will show a note (at the bottom) saying the customer should double-check all the information entered and that their IP address is being logged for security purposes.


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Online Users

If checked HESK will show a list of users online in the last X minutes at the bottom of the help desk (in staff interface only).

Multiple Emails

If a customer tries to enter several emails (separated by comma) into the Email field when submitting a ticket HESK will only use the first email by default and ignore any other emails.

To allow customers to enter multiple emails enable this feature by checking the box.


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