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Is Your Food The Spice of Life?

by Scott Laird

Variety is the spice of life, as the saying goes. And new research shows variety is important for health, too!

A recent study conducted in Ireland concluded that vegetarian diets are indeed nutritionally adequate, but buffered their findings with this comment:

“While vegetarian diets have not shown any adverse effects on health, restrictive and monotonous vegetarian diets may result in nutrient deficiencies …”

Monotony is certainly no fun and, apparently, not good for your health, either!

But hey, it’s human nature to get into a rut, especially once the novelty of a new diet wears off.

Trust me, as a Hallelujah Dieter, I’m living proof of how it goes… After a while, your daily zeal to search the web for new recipes turns into a weekly event, and then maybe only when you’re expecting guests.

You get comfortable with few quick recipes and get into a daily rhythm, a “groove” if you will.

Problem is, that groove can turn into a rut, and before you know it, variety is out the window — and is so is the nice, wide spectrum of nutrients you were getting.

Ya, I know. You like green smoothies and almond butter on gluten-free toast, but The Hallelujah Diet is so much more than that. (www.HAcres.com/hallelujah-diet)

And you don’t have to get back into complicated recipes if you don’t want to.

Just keep it simple like my family does at home.

We pick and choose a few simple things for any meal. Sometimes dinner will consist of a simple, leafy green salad and:

  • chopped cucumbers and peppers with hummus;
  • maybe grilled portabello mushrooms rubbed with coconut oil, sea salt, and herbs;
  • or just a baked beans over a potato.

The trick is to keep a wide variety of fresh produce in your refrigerator (like we do in our salad box) and a few convenience items in your pantry like tortilla wraps and such. This way, you can just pick and choose at a moment’s notice.

Eating like this is creative and stress-free, it makes food fun for the whole family (let the kids choose – they love that), and the importance of variety is built in the process.

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