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Avoiding Summertime Colds


Avoiding Summertime Colds – Part 1 of 2

Scott Laird, ND, MH, CNC

Summertime is for relaxing and having fun with family — the last thing you want to be dealing with is the common cold.

But is avoiding a cold really possible? Isn’t it just the luck of the draw?

Not at all — here’s how to protect yourself (and it’s not about hand sanitizer).

Avoiding Summer ColdsBeing a naturopath, I know how to stay healthy. But, like the shoemaker who has no shoes, sometimes I forget to apply my own advice to myself!

Last year, I “caught” a summer cold… but I had no one to blame except myself.

I had to take an honest look at what I had been doing over the last several weeks.

First of all, I didn’t do my part to reduce stress. We always have lots going on at work, but I was trying to do too much all at once.

And the funny thing about stress is that it leads from one problem to another.

Because I was stressed, I didn’t even think about exercise.

I normally go for a 15-minute walk around the office property during the workday. Had I made the time to get proper exercise, even just 15 minutes, my immune system would have been much stronger.

Another thing stress does, at least to me, is it gets me out of my normal eating routine. When I’m stressed, I tend to gravitate to comfort foods.

For a few weeks leading up to the onset of my cold, I wasn’t following my dietary protocol of healthy, raw, vegan fare, juicing, and avoiding too many processed foods.

With fewer living (raw) nutrients going into my body it was an open invitation for the common cold.

There are a ton of trace minerals the body needs, especially under stress, and juicing a variety of veggies is the way to get them. Dark leafy greens are especially important.

Scott Laird, ND, MH, CNCSo, take a lesson from my mistake… stay on track!

In fact, next time, I’ll share exactly what I did to get BACK on track to help by body heal and avoid making the same mistake again.

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  1. Any idea(s) for a natural treatment (if any) For Alopecia, Total hair loss?

    Some people say that it is a stress trigger, other say a virus, some say that it is passed down from parents etc….

    Thank You.

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