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Guest: Dr. Elliott Rodríguez, Psychologist

Dr. Elliott Rodriguez wants to help you overcome yourself and achieve proper mental health, that is, a mind in sync with God…

Although he came to faith as a young boy, and as a Catholic, and had an immediate heart for ministry, it took some 30 years for “Dr. E.” to realize his true calling.

Now born again, with a PhD in Pastoral Clinical Psychology, and a Doctorate in Ministry, Elliot is an Adjunct Professor in Biblical Studies at his alma mater, Maranatha Christian College.

With a revolutionary perspective on how Christians should view psychology, his passion is to help Believers overcome bad habits and bad thinking, to bring their lives into line with the calling God designed them to realize.


We’ll be talking to Dr. E about his personal journey to faith,  and current professional practice.  He’ll also be sharing practical, Biblically-based tips that you can implement in your life immediately for mental health as our Creator intends it.

Contact info for Dr. Elliot Rodriguez:, (954) 840-3240

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  1. Interesting. Biblical sound? I don’t know yet as even those that practice it still call it a theory? A theory is not truth but a perception or opinion by man of something as to the truth of its existence, and therefore here, as if Father created it, or wills it in His plan/science or desire past or present or future. ssb. To be determined?? Of it at this moment I am not scat but undecided as to its benifet or harm to mankind as His ways are not our way and beware leaning on our own understanding/s always is true spiritual divine wisdom – whose Father is the fear of the LORD my God.ssb Thanks for opening my mind to seeking truth and challenges to it – is my mind not His?(Yeshua’s mind), on this matter and I may be wise to seek His mind to be in me not mine here – maybe this the mind of God (I have ah mind to do something = Old english, KJV Time, for a “plan” is it?) given to men and to me? Trust no theory but reject them not without proof either way until all the proof has come to light is my kind of science (mind of my Father??? I thinks so. Sorry, but more than just a nice talk here. Paradigm Shift for His good plan??? Only since 1983 discovered? To be determined. My mind is open to Heb. 5:13. No milk for me please. I’m a raw food man! YEAH! Hanukkah!!! Hoot Hoot!!! hehehehe, ssb

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