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Guest: Dr. Gary Tunsky, Naturopathic Physician

Biblical Health Radio welcomes Dr. Gary Tunsky as our first “Expert” interview guest.


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Dr. Gary Tunsky is a Traditional Naturopathic Physician and Cellular Disease Specialist, and has a quarter-century of diverse experience in the healing arts.

It troubles him greatly that mainstream science and traditional western medicine has us believing that there are more than 10,000 different diseases, demanding thousands of different treatment protocols. He wants us to realize that the medical mistake of breaking up science into specialty fields was always myopic, and has actually become counterproductive to maintaining health and treating disease, and that what we need to pay attention to is Cytopathy, cellular disease.

To date, the implementation of Dr. Gary’s Grand Unified Theory of Cellular Functional Disorder has had a profound impact on uncovering the mysteries to a wide array of disease.

Dr. Gary is a pioneer, paving the way on the leading edge of the paradigm shift in cellular health care and disease prevention, all with a Biblical worldview.

We’ll be talking to Dr. Gary about his personal wellness journey, his professional practice, his faith, and more.  He’ll also be sharing practical health tips you can implement in your life immediately

Contact info for Dr. Gary Tunsky:  Precision Healing Cellu-tions, Website:, Email:, Phone at (561) 863-1733.

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