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Dr. Jeff Hazim

Welcome to Biblical Health Television

Dr. Jeff Hazim

I’m Dr. Jeff Hazim,

Co-Founder and Executive Director.

It is no accident that you are here! Contained in these pages, and within the resources available on our website, you have an opportunity to transform your life, forever!

Look around; read our vision and mission; check out our free content; access our video and radio archives; read our blogs; download our free eBook; and learn about all of our diverse Biblical Health experts.

If I only ever had these next few sentences to share my heart with you, I would want to leave you with this one overarching impression: God cares about and wants to redeem every facet of your life. The Gospel is wholistic, and is meant to transform your spirit, soul, and body. And each of these three parts of you has many important elements, for instance: health, emotional well-being, finances, career, marriage, family, relationships, purity, faith, ministry, and missions, to name but a few.

The Lord’s desire is that you create a vision for your life in each area that is consistent with the Bible and honoring to Him. If you neglect God’s plan in any area, over time the resulting imbalance puts you at risk for a catastrophic “blowout.”

My heart’s desire is that, instead, you stay balanced by catching the vision and joining the Biblical Health Revolution!

Dr. Jeff Hazim
Executive Director

(954) 448-3487




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