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How Tomatoes Prevent Cancer


How Tomatoes Prevent Cancer

Scott Laird, ND, MH, CNC

Tomatoes are loaded with nutrients — but there is one tomato nutrient that most everyone is familiar with… and has more benefit to your health than you may realize!

Tomatoes Beat CancerLycopene is a phytonutrient that has been shown to help protect against prostate cancer, and breast, pancreatic and intestinal cancers.

But is there a certain part of the tomato that contains more lycopene than the rest?

A study in France gave eight men two meals per day.

One meal contained tomato paste with 6% tomato skin. The other meal contained tomato paste with no tomato skin.

The result?

The study participants absorbed 75% more lycopene from tomato paste with tomato skins compared to the other tomato paste.

The finding presents a curious relationship between one of God’s perfect foods and the human body.

You see, more and more research is finding that the lycopene found in great quantities in tomato skin has a direct benefit in the protection of human skin.

In fact, researchers in Germany have found that foods rich in the lycopene from cooked tomatoes may boost the body’s ability to protect against the sun’s ultraviolet rays.

How does it work?

Researchers believe that when human skin is exposed to sunlight, the lycopene — particularly in the skin of the tomatoes — neutralizes the cancer-causing free radicals that are formed from the sun’s UV radiation.

In yet another curious twist of the “human skin / tomato skin” connection, pigment appears to play a significant role.

UnravelTheMysteryJust as dark colored human skin is more tolerant to UV radiation, the darker the tomato skin, the more concentrated its protective levels of lycopene.

It’s almost as if God… planned it that way.

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  1. Here is the video on pancreatic cancer which should have been linked. They are both worth viewing.

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