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I Will Give You Rest


I Will Give You Rest – Part 1 of 2

Dr. Jeff Hazim

The kingdom of heaven is like a mustard seed; a hidden treasure; a fishing net.

Jesus always used stories and illustrations like these when speaking to the crowds. In fact, he never spoke to them without using such parables (Matthew 13:34).

A Modern-Day Parable

shutterstock_112939795The human body is like an automobile.

It takes fuel, electricity and intelligence for an automobile to drive. Gasoline is required to burn as fuel to propel the automobile. The battery and alternator provide electricity to start the car and for all of its electrical components to operate.

And it takes some intelligence to drive the car safely and for it to reach its destination.

Likewise, the human body needs calories (fuel) in the form of food which provides energy for every cell to function. It similarly generates electricity that is vital to your nervous system and heart. And, you also require intelligent direction to help you navigate “safely” to life’s destinations.

And, like an automobile, these three sources of energy need to be continually supplied. The cleanest source of calories to burn for energy come from healthy carbohydrates in fruits and vegetables, and from healthy fats like those found in fish, nuts, seeds, avocados and coconuts.

However, both nerve energy and spiritual energy come from a much different source — REST!   

Spiritual Rest

Spiritual “energy” comes from one type of rest. Faith!

In order to rest in the Lord we must have faith. Jesus said, “Come to me, all of you who are weary and carry heavy burdens, and I will give you rest (Matthew 11:28).

He warns us about the danger of not embracing this. God’s promise of entering his rest still stands, so we ought to tremble with fear that some of you might fail to experience it (Hebrews 4:1).

And the only requirement in order to partake in this rest is faith! For only we who believe can enter his rest (Hebrews 4:3).

But faith is inexorably linked to one more important biblical mandate. Obedience!

And to whom was God speaking when he took an oath that they would never enter his rest? Wasn’t it the people who disobeyed him?

So we see that because of their unbelief they were not able to enter his rest (Hebrews 3:18-19). This helps us understand the all-important link between disobedience and unbelief, and the significance of this decree; whatever is not from faith is sin (Romans 14:23).

Your service as a Christian is to be attentive to God’s voice and do what he says. Take my yoke upon you. Let me teach you, because I am humble and gentle at heart, and you will find rest for your souls (Matthew 11:29).

Physical Rest

The other type of rest comes in physical form. It is with sleep that you regenerate the vital nerve energy that flows throughout your nervous system and keeps your heart beating in its healthy rhythm.

drjeffhazimClick here for Part 2Why sufficient sleep is so important and how you can insure you get adequate rest.

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  1. What a great word on Spiritual Rest! Thanks, Jeff, that’s exactly what I needed to hear (and obey!).
    You are such a blessing – Shalom. Vicki

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