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Is Liver A Biblically Healthy Food?


Is Liver A Biblically Healthy Food?

Chaim “Not A Doctor” Goldman

Today I’d like to share an answer I provided to Biblical Health fan about liver. One may not think of liver as a healthy food, since it is the “filter” organ, but liver actually has a lot of merit as a health food.

Here’s the question…


“This past week we held a Bible study and a question was asked about the cleanliness of liver (from a kosher animal). I know that blood would be an issue potentially, and organs generally went to the priests after an offering. Could you point to any Scripture or have any insight to this issue?”

~ BR

OK, first of all, liver is an incredibly nutritious food (see articles here and here).  True, it filters toxins, but it does not store them.  Of course, as with anything, we want to eat from Biblically kosher animals that are raised in a clean way, and slaughtered in a method that bleeds out the animal.

Should the organs go to the Priests? Yes, when it is commanded for a sacrificed animal (and there are no sacrifices going on now, no Temple, etc.)

When you slaughter an animal for your own consumption, there is no command to share it with anyone (except maybe the poor and needy).

Think about it, the Almighty gave His priests the best stuff, so it must be good for you; especially for hard-working men like they were.

As for getting out the blood, yes that is a big concern, as liver requires more preparation than meat.

Many kosher stores make chopped liver out of beef liver, instead of chicken, because of the difficulty of kashering the small chicken livers.  (Personally, I only like it prepared from chicken livers, and my mother made it awesome!)  Click here to see how to rabbinically kosher liver; you will need to decide how stringent you need to be.

As for Biblical references regarding foods, if you are not already familiar with them already, you can easily Google’em.

chaim200x200As far as I am aware, the Scriptures don’t prohibit eating the liver of a kosher animal, and science now informs us that liver is one of the most nutritious foods there is for humans to consume.

Hope this helps!


  1. Check out this website for in-depth info on Liver.

  2. The passover lamb was to be eaten “with the purtinance thereof” (Exodus 12:9). To my knowledge this means the inward parts which would include the liver, kidneys, heart, even lungs, stomach and genitals.
    Scripture therefore not only does not prohibit, it specifically includes them as edible.
    Blessings in the name YHVH!

  3. I heard that liver and other organ maets have a lot of the good essential fatty acids. I’m not crazy about liver and haven’t eaten it in many years. For Mother’s Day years ago, I made my mom’s favorite Beef Steak and Kidney Pie with mushrooms and gravy, but now I think maybe that wasn’t such a good idea. Perhaps the kidneys store toxins too, not sure.

  4. Okay… let’s extend the question a little further… would it then be okay to eat Liverwurst & Braunschwager (sp)?

  5. Excellent. I’ve had this question for over a year and now it’s answered. Liver is supposed to have great anti-fatigue benefits.
    I look forward to broiling a grass-fed cow liver.

  6. Chaim,

    This sure changed my mind about liver. The one thing I didn’t know was that the liver DOES NOT STORE THE TOXINS. Thanks!

  7. Wow, I love chicken and beef liver. It helped with my anemia. But I have not eaten either in years because I thought it would be even more riskier to eat than the other parts because it is an organ. I thought toxins would be stored up in there.

    So Todah, for sharing and clearing that up for me. I’m having liver and onions for dinner tonight.

    PS Chaim, my mom makes some of the best liver pate. 🙂

  8. Have never been able to eat liver… just do not like the taste!

  9. Thank you I always did eat liver and thought wow! they have the function of Pigs and forbidden sea foods, the dustbins of the animal world, but I an glad it is not.

  10. As far as I know, these wursts (sausages) are always made with lots of fat – and fat is prohibited for us to eat (Levv 3:17) – forever.

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