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Jack Lannom


Jack Lannom

CEO of Lannom Worldwide

BHtv Video – “Better Health Through a Better Memory”, Episode 24

Lannom Worldwide is a consulting firm based in Pembroke Pines, Florida that specializes in helping individuals and organizations release their untapped potential and perform in excellence.

The founder of the “People First” movement, Jack is an author, consultant, and international speaker who has been engaging and inspiring audiences for more than 35 years. He is a recognized expert on learning, memory, leadership, and personal development; and his People First approach to leadership has been received with enthusiastic approval from groups as diverse as the San Diego Chargers and the United States Coast Guard.

Jack has authored several books and training programs. His television series, Lannom’s Memory Methods, aired nationally on PBS for 11 years and was the first and longest running series of its kind.

Contact Info:

 Website: www.LannomWorldwide.com 

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