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Mike Beiter


Michael David Beiter, Jr.

Founder of Suffer Well Ministries

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Michael Beiter of Suffer Well Ministries is a good personal friend of Dr. Jeff and Chaim, and is currently a U.S. Federal Prisoner because of standing against the System.  He has a true “Joseph” calling on his life, and so his incarceration has, like Joseph, been a time of both suffering and thriving.  What the Almighty has and continues to reveal to him about how all Believers should walk, and especially how to “suffer well”, now amounts to more than 400 deeply spiritual devotionals.  Michael prays that what he has attained in the crucible is a great personal blessing to you, even as it is a great challenge to your current paradigms.  Please pray for him, his wife and children, and that true Justice be served…that, like Joseph, he will be both released from prison, and into a world-impacting ministry.  Soon, and very soon!  We are honored to share Michael’s devotionals with you on Biblical Health TV

Michael’s first article for Biblical Health TV, ”Perfect Mind, Perfect Life”, is featured in Week 1.

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