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Scott Laird


Scott Laird

Doctor of Naturopathy, Master Herbalist, and Certified Nutritional Counselor

Now an advisor to Biblical Health Television, Scott spent 5 years in charge of writing for Hallelujah Acres, a Christian health organization dedicated to promoting God’s original, plant-based (vegan) diet as found in Genesis 1:29.

He has written countless articles for Hallelujah Acres’ Health News magazine in addition to writing and hosting online vegan health videos and managing content for most other Hallelujah Acres communications.

Scott and his wife Jodi have been married since 1996 and discovered a plant-based diet by chance after watching health videos while housesitting for friends in 2007. The diet change helped reverse and eliminate colon issues and heart palpitations for Scott, Hashimoto’s disease for Jodi, and asthma for both of their home-schooled children who are now champion gymnasts.

The Laird family has found their plant-based diet to be a powerful example of Biblical health and disease reversal to both their Messianic community and to their extended family abroad.

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  1. Shalom Y’all,
    Scott I have been part of the crew for a while , and I have had a lot of problems with my lungs.
    I am 74 and in fairly good health .
    Ex asbestos worker
    Ex smoker
    Concrete worker
    Carpenter saw dust
    Remodeling, old dust
    Painter, spray
    During the construction of the Studio and office, I was the working foreman.
    I am eating a lot of apples, Oregano ,kale, and other herbs
    in drinks.
    I was healed from my knee problem when Arthur anointed and prayed for me right there in the lobby in 2011.

    Abner De Diazzy
    19 Blue Mt. Hgts.
    Schuylkill Haven
    PA 17972
    I do better by phone this has taken me 1 hr.
    Cell 570-617-1115.
    I have been a Torah observer since 1966, quit smoking cold turkey was baptized in 1967
    in to the Radio Church of God/ World Wide Church of God.
    I have been anointed many times and been healed many times of many

    things, but the lung problem has persisted.

    M adopted daughter sent me your email.

    Thanks, Bless Y’all,Abner

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