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  1. Excited to join the team!

  2. I just finished watching Healthy Living 2.0 Thank you !!!!

  3. Praise GOD!!!!! So glad to become a member & be a part of the ‘revolution.’ I know this is definitely a God thing. I’m a 66 yr. old female, so hope you ‘youngsters’ will incorporate info geared for us older ones. I’m anxious to see Dr. Jeff’s 30 min. gym workout. Look forward to taking advantage of all the wonderful ‘fruit of your labors.’ Thanks!

  4. i would like to know how to do a colon and a heavy metal cleanse and what products are good for it. I don’t trust the products they have on-line or GNC products. can you please help. also, you said you have a free offer for a body cleanse?

  5. We’re trusting Yeshua in all things including our health.

  6. I saw your broadcast today for the first time and totally agree with EVERYTHING you had to say. I have been on a no sugar food plan for 60+ days now. I have am coming up on shedding 20 pounds, have dropped two sizes in clothing, in the last two days, I am experiencing a new level of energy I have not had in over a year.

    I am a graduate of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition – 2012 – as a certified Health Coach, and graduated from the U. of Phoenix in 2011 with a degree in Health Care Administration, and have not had the opportunity to dive into a practice. My mother became very ill and I became her sole care giver. I know this was orchestrated my G_d because of the events that led up to it.

    For the last two years, this is what I have been doing. She is now in a nursing home because she needs constant medical care that I cannot give her. I have a new respect for Care Givers as I have cared for her for the last five years with the last two being very intense. My own health deteriorated severely during this time, but I am rebuilding!

    While at U. of Ph. I did 10 day juice fasts, shedding 60+ pounds in 10 months, only to put them back on while caring for Mom. I am so glad I found the sugar detox plan because it works so well in ways you could never realize. No more body pain… I am off dairy and that is what created the pain. I am off all caffeine, and sugar. No bread, pasta, rice, or potatoes and don’t plan on re-introducing them for some time as I have quite a bit of weight to lose.

    I am sharing my story because I believe someone somewhere needs to read this. I share a few of my testimonies anytime I am led to do so, and have done this in the elevator, in the lunch room at work, in the hallway just talking to someone at work… in the grocery store… whenever He leads me to do so, and I love helping others see that my G_d is bigger than any illness!

    Looking forward to all you have to offer on this subject.

    Best Regards,
    Cindy Robinson

  7. Hi from Fritz.
    I just ordered four more sets of LFHL 2.0, as a gift to each of our four children, who by now for their own part are married and have children. I thank you for your effort to put the whole subject of health into perspective. I now feel to see the big picture, including the new modern terms and language of the subject. It also enables me to add all those detail bits and pieces of health information we receive nowadays, to categorize, and analyze.
    I thoroughly enjoyed the presentations for its practical mode, revealing to me that you actually live by those health principles for body, soul, and spiritual health. I also had an almost instant cure of a prolonged upset stomach, as my use of green super food released a bloating condition, resulting in a much better sleep at night.
    Thanks again for being up front with matters concerning obesity and decease, as we walk in our present instant society. I hope to one day meet up with some, or all of you. Fritz R.

  8. Hello Folks! I absolutely love watching Biblical Health. Each one has such a wonderful smile, a great sense of humor and just down to earth folks. I feel joy as i watch. Thank you for ALL you do!!!

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