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Think Different: Your Life and Health Depend On It


Think Different: Your Life and Health Depend On It

Dr. Jeff Hazim

Stay alert! Watch out for your great enemy, the devil.

He prowls around like a roaring lion, looking for someone to devour (1 Peter 5:8).

If you’ve been a Christian for more than five minutes, chances are you’ve experienced attacks from the enemy.

It’s commonly taught that this verse in 1 Peter means that the devil wants to steal your faith, rob your joy, and destroy your finances and relationships.

And it does.

But, you must realize that he also wants to ruin your health and take your very life?

Think DifferentHe wants you dead, or at least very sick, so you cannot realize the plans God has for you, and there is deception all around you.

But as always, God has provided a solution for this too; and He revealed it to his people long ago.

This blog post begins a series that will equip you to recognize the deception, discern if you are part of it, and help you remove yourself from it.

You can be sure that God has a plan for your health that is consistent with your faith as a Christian.

There are serious health problems in the Church that you need to be aware of, and it is not until we can identify them that we can get rid of them.

When you are properly equipped, you will have the victory!

But to do so, you must develop a balanced perspective on natural health and the Bible.

Believers are called to be set apart. We commonly use the word “Holy.” That is what holy means: to be set apart or separated.

We should look and act differently from the world.

To provoke some serious thought, and maybe even uncover where your health choices are not consistent with your faith, answer these questions: 

  • In what areas do you see Christians as looking, acting or believing differently from the rest of the world?
  • And, in what areas do we look the same?

Let’s take a short quiz. Answer each question two times, once for yourself and one time for the Church (the Christian community at large).

Do you personally, and the Church in general, look, act or believe differently from the world: 

  1. When it comes to marriage? (Sanctity of marriage, pre-marital sex and divorce, submission, and marriage being just between a man and woman.)
  2. When it comes to sexual morality? (Pornography, modesty, and adultery.)
  3. Regarding raising children? (Discipline, honor, respect, and education.)  
  4. In respect to finances? (Giving, beliefs in sharing, and ideas about stewardship.)
  5. In choosing entertainment?  (What you watch, and what king of places will you frequent.)
  6. When it comes to how you eat? (Unnatural, packaged and artificial foods, refined foods, man-made and genetically modified foods.)
  7. When considering addictive habits? (Drinking coffee and soda, or smoking cigarettes, for instance?
  8. With regard to your understanding of health and disease? (Do you accept that disease comes from outside, or that you are just unfortunate to get one, or that health is safely abdicated to “medical experts”.)
  9. When choosing treatment options if you become physically ill?  (Do you run to the doctor or to the drug store?)
  10. When choosing treatment options if you become mentally or emotionally ill? (Do you turn to “peace from a pill” or counsel from secular therapists or TV personalities?)

There are many more questions that could be asked but, the point has been made point loud and clear. Let’s just review these ten.

You likely answered the first five (the ones about marriage, sexual morality, children, finances and entertainment) like this: “The Church looks, acts and believes differently from the world.”

We are holy, or in other words, set apart in these five areas.

However, you most likely answered the last five like this: “The Church looks, acts, and believes exactly the same as the world in these areas,” (and maybe even worse in some cases).

The way we eat, our stimulant addictions (like coffee), our understanding and approach to health and disease, and what treatment options we would choose if physically or mentally ill, look just like the world’s.

If prior to reading this this you did not realize that there is a problem with health in the Church, then I hope you’ve just woken up. 

Let me ask you a few additional general questions so we can realize how Christians compare. You already know the answers:

How do Christians match up with the world…

    1. In the area of divorce?
    2. In longevity, how long we live?
    3. In mortality rates from cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and all other deadly illnesses?
    4. When it comes to mental health and depression?
    5. When considering the use of prescription medications?
    6. And, when it comes to obesity and fitness?


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Next time we will address how Christians compare with the rest of the world. 

Read part 2 here!  


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  1. The church and church-goers don’t act holy simply because of their refusal to accept what God has said about what is holy and what is profane, making up their own list of dos and don’ts, adding and taking away from YHWH’s holy commandments. That’s why church health is in such a poor state. Make change by keeping His commandments and dietary laws. Health follows, as He promised it would.

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