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Time for a Health Change – Part 3


Time for a Healthy Change – Part 3

Dr. Jeff Hazim

In this post we will focus on food choices as we conclude this series, as what we eat, in my professional opinion, is the most common cause of sickness.

First “food” must be defined by God. Would you agree? Read God’s word; if He says it is food, then it is. If He calls it an abomination, don’t eat it.

Food must be that which supplies the raw materials which aide your body in the processes of growth and repair and at the same time does not do you harm. So for sure, God’s plan for your food can be summarized like this:

  1. Eat whole foods, the way they grow naturally, fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds, and to a lesser extent grains and legumes (beans).
  2. Eat as much of those as you can without changing them (raw) by cooking, over-cooking or processing. Those things that are not digestible in their natural state (like grains), should be processed to the least degree possible, like sprouting. Did you know it only takes three ingredients to make bread? Read your labels; how many ingredients are in the bread you buy?
  3. If you choose to eat animal foods (meat, poultry, fish, dairy or eggs), eat them from natural sources. Animals grown on antibiotics, pesticide poisoned crops and unnatural diets are not healthy for you to eat, nor are their byproducts like dairy and eggs.

Did you know that if you eat a cow that has been raised on corn feed that the flesh and fat will absolutely cause cardiovascular disease? But if you eat a cow that has been raised on organic grass and greens it will actually prevent cardiovascular disease!

Did you know that if you choose dairy that is processed and pasteurized it will act like a glue in your body and clog you up, but if you eat raw dairy it will promote health?

Stay away from animal foods that God calls an “abomination.”

For the sake of not causing a theological battle, let me just say this:  If God made you, and He did; and if God loves you, and He does; and if He said not to eat swine (pig), shellfish, fish without scales, vultures and bats, and He did; then how about we all just agree that it would be a good idea to obey?

Can we simply approach this from the standpoint of a loving father’s instructions to His children?

When it comes to water, drink clean water, not water polluted with municipal (government added) chemicals, such as fluoride and heavy metals.

Finally, let me just add one more warning for our modern age: processed, packaged, artificial, and genetically modified foods (I call them Franken-foods), stay away!  If you cannot pronounce ingredients on the label, don’t eat what’s in the package.

Obviously, this is a giant topic worthy of a book, but for the sake of this series we’ll just stop here.  You have plenty to consider for change, I am sure.

The bottom line is this: You have choices.

Treat your body like the temple of the Holy Spirit it is. Eat right, exercise and create balance for your soul and spirit as well.

Jeff Hazim photoThen, “It will go well with you.”

And if you do get sick, seek advice from professionals who will lead you up the narrow path that will be consistent with your faith and God’s word, not down the same wide road that the world takes.  Now, isn’t that a liberating perspective?

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