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Biblical Health Television (BHtv)

Broadcasts utilizing a specialized membership software platform that permits each member password-protected access to his or her content. This allows us to provide online health and wellness information to you in a very dynamic way.

BHtv offers different types of Memberships, and each one permits access to varying levels of content. As an administrator of online informational products, this is a lot of permissions for us to track and manage, and lots of different notifications to send out regarding new content as we add it. But, this software allows us to post content once, designate which memberships have access to it and when it will become accessible, and then notify the appropriate members. You, then, have 24-hour access to your content, and never have to worry about whether you lost a link, deleted an email, or even forgot a password. It will all be here at BHtv!



You can change yours at anytime from the one we assigned you, to one more memorable, and change it again for whatever reason. (Just look for the “User Profile” link under the “Account” tab in the menu bar.) And if you ever forget your password, go to the Login page on the ‘outside’ of the Member Zone, type the email address associated with your account into the Email field, and click the “Forgot Password” link. Your password will be emailed to you immediately.

Of course, as this is a private member area, do not share your password, nor the content of this site, in whole or in part, with those outside your own household. All content on our companion public site is free, and we price our memberships and other informational products as reasonably as possible, so that they will be affordable to most people. We even grant scholarships to those who genuinely cannot pay. So none of our members, regardless of level, should EVER share their username/password, nor assist in the pirating of our content for distribution to non-members! (Let’s play fair with each other, OK?) Illegal sharing of your membership or any BHtv content may result in the permanent loss of your Membership, your forfeiting access to all content from the beginning of your Membership without refund, and permanent restriction from any future BHtv Membership. Please respect our content licensing restrictions, and nobody (we or you) gets hurt. Thank you!


Bonus Materials

Any bonus materials included with your membership will also be posted in The Zone, according to the content distribution timeline of your specific membership.



Information about how to ask Customer Support and Health-related questions is at the “Member Help” link in the main menu.

OK, that’s The Zone. Go have fun, learn a lot, have your paradigms shifted, and your health restored…and don’t forget to bless those around you and, thereby, help repair the world along the way.

And please give us feedback…patient and gentle feedback. We really need it so we may improve and keep you happy!

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