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Super Typhoon Haiyan Relief Efforts in the Philippines




“There’s no safety anywhere.  Only in God!!”  – Mai Cabaluna-Trott

On November 8, 2013, Super Typhoon Haiyan ripped through the Philippines killing more than 6,000, injuring 28,000, and displacing 4 million. Almost 1800 are still missing. (updated statistics as of December 26, 2013)

300 miles across, with 195mph sustained winds and 235mph gusts, and pushing a 20ft storm surge, this “biggest storm ever” to make landfall came just weeks after a devastating 7.1 earthquake hit their nation!

BHtv staffer Mai Cabaluna-Trott, a Filipino who lives in the Cebu City, safely made it through both catastrophic natural disasters, though her family was greatly affected.

On November 11th, just days after the storm, Mai joined us Live to talk about her personal experiences going through both terrifying events, the peace she had throughout because of her faith, AND how you can assist her as she ministers to those in desperate need in her country.

Since then BHtv contributors have donated more than $9,600 to Victims Relief efforts, and Mai and her team continue to bring food, supplies, and comfort to those still suffering from the aftermath. Thousands of care packages have been distributed, often where they can only reach people on foot, places larger organization tend to not go. (see Mai’s report with photos of our first distribution at the bottom of this page)

The Philippine government has requested all aid organizations to switch over from providing Food to providing Building Materials starting January 1st, and so we will do this also.


Mai Cabaluna-Trott photo

All donated funds are being administered by BHtv Staff in the Philippines

headed by our Administrative Assistant, Mai Cabaluna -Trott in Cebu


More than $9,600 has been donated through BHtv so far!


If everyone who received this email would give JUST $10, together we would
provide additional TENS OF THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS to help our brothers and sisters
who have lost everything except their faith.


Help us meet our minimum total goal of $10,000 (and hopefully much more)
by the end of 2013 and donate either $10 or another amount now:








or you may send finances through Paypal directly to Mai at:


send to:  cabaluna_ladymarie@hotmail.com


Either way, 100% of your received donation (after approx. 3% Paypal fees)

will go directly to victims of Typhoon Haiyan who need it most!

(for more info, watch the video above)


Please write a message and/or prayer with you donation!


* Nourish the Nations is NOT an IRS registered non-profit organization, and so any donations are not tax deductible *

Report on Northern Cebu Distribution

by Mai Cabaluna-Trott
The Northern tip of Cebu is one of the hardest hit areas after the most intense typhoon on world record struck the Philippines. After a week passed since the super typhoon known as "Haiyan" savaged the province of Cebu, we decided to visit one of the most difficult to reach remote areas up North where relief goods have not reached the people yet.

We have to travel by foot and cross the rivers in order to get access to the people who live in the hills and mountain cliffs. On our way to their dwellings, we saw broken bridges, downed power lines, uprooted trees and fallen debris which made it hard for us to get through.

However, these kinds of difficulties have not made us turn around just because we hustle so hard! But as we think about these people being hungry, naked, and homeless, we were more determined to reach them despite the overwhelming hindrances.

Soon enough, we reached the top of the hills where people there have different sad stories to tell about the super typhoon. The first home we visited was owned by an old widow whose house was destroyed by the storm. She lives alone after her husband passed away and her children got married. Luckily, she was able to miraculously evacuate to a safe place in the wake of the storm.

Another family we visited was a family of four. They live in a temporary shelter which looked like an animal pen. The others were able to repair the damages of their homes after the rain eventually stopped. Most of the people in this community depend largely on farming.  However,  the storm devastated their means of survival- their crops.
Not only that, the water pipes were also broken after the storm slammed into their place. These made their life very difficult. They have to ask their older child to pitch water to the nearest water source that will be reached after an hour walk.

On the other side, no matter how hard life is, these people continue to live and move on with life. The storm took the little that they have put up in many years. As you can see, even though it was already a week since the crisis, still almost all of them were not yet able to re-roof their homes.

I just can’t imagine where they will find shelter during extreme weather conditions. We can’t find enough words to comfort and so we prayed with them. 

We also distributed to each family: 
2 kilos Rice
1/4 kilo Mongo Beans
2 sachets Milo
1 can Sardines<
2 packs Noodles  
Praise God, we were able to give out 150 packages that day!

True enough, it is just so sad that we have more than enough food on our plate, but there are people who are starving. We enjoy the comfort of our homes, but others are homeless and without shelter.  We have nice clothing, while others are naked and cold.

As we do this service, our team keeps well in mind and heart that Jesus gave His life for these people and for us.   We are actively relieving the suffering of the victims of Super Typhoon Haiyan and in so doing are both helping our brothers and sisters in Christ, and drawing more souls to the foot of the cross here in the Philippines.

Thanks so much to all of you who have already donated through Biblical Health TV to extend a hand to these people who suffered through this horrible storm and are still suffering through its aftermath.  
I am personally making sure that your dollars are going a long way and are make a difference!

Please continue to give and to pray, as there is still so much work to be done!

Mai Cabaluna-Trott
Administrator, BHtv Typhoon Haiyan Victim’s Relief Fund


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