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Welcome to the Disease Economy – Part 2


Welcome to the Disease Economy – Part 2

Dr. Jeff Hazim

Here are some numbers to ponder…

In 1998, the pharmaceutical industry sponsored 120,000 meetings and promotional events targeting physicians. These functions are where doctors get invited to fancy hotels galas and exotic locations to get educated or, more accurately stated, indoctrinated in the use of the latest “drug breakthroughs” and how to promote them.

By 2004, that number had jumped to 371,000 sponsored events, all centered-around teaching M.D.s which drugs to push, and how to push them.

We truly live in a disease economy!

But, can we sustain a genuinely abundant economy that requires more and more people to get and remain sick?

Can we create abundance by selling each other increasingly expensive products and services that promote disease?

Can we create general prosperity by poisoning ourselves? The obvious answer is “No” on all counts.

shutterstock_24847420Real economic growth is about providing more goods and services, in a more efficient manner, that improve the quality of life for the most people. To the contrary, we presently have an economy that is increasingly based on goods and services that do not add to the quality of consumers’ lives, but rather take away from it.

We’re seeing entrepreneurs and creative marketers finding new ways to promote products that harm people.

We see this quite blatantly in the pharmaceutical industry, where their advertising departments keep coming up with new absurd ways to sell drugs to people through direct-to-consumer advertising on television. Some of these ads are absolutely idiotic in what they are promising, and their lists of possible side effects would be humorous if they weren’t actual dangers.

Yet, their marketing is still effective in creating demand for products that do more harm than good.

Remember what it says in Revelation 18:23, the merchants are the “great men of the earth who deceive the nations with their drug-sorcery.”

Are you being deceived by their sorcery, the drug culture?

You are if you support the medical/pharmaceutical industries with your lifestyle, purchases and health decisions!  But as a Christian, you are called to be different from the world, are you not?

Now, it doesn’t stop with just pharmaceuticals, as other economic segments in the U.S. and abroad are based on the manufacturing, marketing and selling of products and services based on disease. That is, products and services that either cause diseases or “treat” those diseases.

That is a disease economy.

When you go into grocery stores and look at what’s being sold there, you’re getting a good look at the economic activity in this country. You mostly see products that promote chronic disease rather than health, thanks to their disease-causing ingredients.

We see a lot of products being marketed and sold to consumers that may give them very short-term benefits (really pleasure, not benefits) — such as junk foods — but have long-term detrimental consequences by contributing to chronic disease.

These diseases largely come about as a result of long-term consumption of nutritionally depleted foods.

There were over 162 million cases of seven common chronic diseases: cancers, diabetes, heart disease, hypertension, stroke, mental disorders, and pulmonary conditions, reported in the U.S. in 2003. These conditions shorten lives, reduce quality of life, and create considerable burden to all involved.

Yet, they simultaneously contribute to “economic growth” in the healthcare sector. Without question, the U.S. economy is heavily invested in disease.

Jeff Hazim photoIn our next post on this vital topic, we will expose the retail model that thrives in this disease economy and explore some hard facts about how, despite the trillions of dollars spent on “healthcare, disease is on the rise and thriving.

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