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Why Christians Get Sick


Why Christians Get Sick

Scott Laird, ND, MH, CNC

We follow God’s leading, we do His will, and yet we still fall “victim” to the same illnesses as everyone else in the world.

“It’s not fair!” we protest.

“I’m doing God’s will for my life; shouldn’t there be some kind of divine immunity for me?”

why-christians-get-sick-detailThat’s exactly what Rev. George Malkmus said in 1976 when he developed colon cancer at age 42, right in the middle of building a church for the past 6 years.

But there was a purpose in it all.

His mother had just died of colon cancer, despite modern medicine’s best efforts. He saw the awful things that the treatments did to his mother, and didn’t want to go down the same road.

So, he consulted a “health nut” pastor friend about alternatives who told him to switch to a primarily raw, vegan diet, supplemented with freshly extracted vegetable juices, a diet based on Genesis 1:29, which outlines God’s dietary instructions for Adam and Eve (and every human being thereafter).

“That’s it?” he thought. “But this is cancer! I don’t have time to fool around with theories!”

However, without any other favorable options, he decided to give it a shot.

He eliminated all animal products (meat, milk, cheese, eggs, fish, etc) from his diet, stopped eating anything with refined flour, refined sugar, caffeine, or refined salt, and began drinking 8 ounces of freshly extracted vegetable juices every waking hour (he made a large batch once a day and drank a portion of it every hour).

Within a few weeks, the rectal bleeding that alerted him to a baseball-sized tumor in his colon had stopped.

And within a year of treating himself with this all-natural regimen, he was completely healed.

Not to mention, his dandruff, severe allergies, and every other ailment disappeared, too.

His energy soared, and even his eyesight improved. In fact, he used to wear strong prescription glasses at age 42, and now doesn’t need them at age 80 (his restriction-free driver’s license proves it).

To make a long story short, he has remained on this diet ever since, and created an organization in 1992 called Hallelujah Acres, which still promotes a vegan diet to this day as God’s catch-all remedy.

Hallelujah Acres, which promotes Malkmus’ “Hallelujah Diet,” has helped tens of thousands of people around the world heal themselves of everything from stage-4 breast cancer, prostate cancer, and every other kind of cancer to diabetes, multiple sclerosis, ADD/ADHD, and even AIDS. Read testimonies here.

It is Rev. Malkmus’ passion to wake up Christians to the fact that diseases occur because we do not obey God’s instructions for health, which are clearly stated in the early pages of the Bible.

That’s what “Why Christians Get Sick” is all about.

In this book, Malkmus clearly outlines why Christians get sick just as often as everyone else, then provides a step-by-step guide to rid the body of toxins and shore up nutritional deficiencies.

This tandem approach enables the immune system to supercharge the body’s self-healing ability to rid itself of virtually any disease.gmgarden-ft

And the best part? After they healed themselves, people on the Hallelujah Diet not only saved their own lives, they don’t even get the common cold anymore.

If you want to experience wellness for life, Why Christians Get Sick is the book for you!

Click here to get your copy now for just $14.00!



  1. I started Halleluyah Diet many years ago. Sorry to say I was not able to stick to it but have lived to 87 due to the remarkable change in my eating 80% raw (lots of juice).
    My books are gone now. Waiting for a room in Assisted Living.
    Thanks for carrying on the work of Dr.Malkmus.
    Bettina Beckford

  2. Awesome

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