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Will You Get Cancer?


Will You Get Cancer?

Scott Laird, ND, MH, CNC

Statistics say that 2 out of 3 of us are going to get cancer during our lifetime.

That’s a loaded statement. It has to be considered in context…

Truth be told, you probably have cancer right now. All of us do.

Every moment of every day, cancerous cells are floating around in our bodies. That does not, however, mean that we are doomed to be diagnosed with “cancer” of some sort.

Cancer (and all diseases for that matter) are the result of one thing: malfunctioning cells. And cells malfunction when they are not provided with what they need to be healthy.diet_exercise1

One of the major things that determines health is diet. You are what you eat… literally.

The food you eat becomes the fuel for your body.

And excesses of any kind end up where they are not supposed to be — fat in arterial blood, undigested meat growing carcinogens in your bowels, etc.

When the body does not get what it needs, cells malfunction, and disease takes hold. If enough cells malfunction in a certain manner, we get a “cancerous” growth.

But, when the body DOES have everything it needs, the immune system can shut down any rogue cells before they cause a problem. That’s what the immune system is designed to do.

Now, getting back to statistics…

Statistics are gained by examining what “everyone” in a certain people group is doing.

Think about that for a minute.

high-fructose-corn-syrupIf everyone else in America is eating the “Standard American Diet” of fried foods, fat, sugar, refined and/or boxed and/or bottled food, that’s what disease statistics are going to reflect.

In other words, if you eat what “everyone” else is eating, you can expect to experience the diseases that “everyone” is getting.

However, if you are doing something out of the ordinary (like looking after yourself, and being very, very picky about what you eat and don’t eat), that’s a different story.

In this case, you’ve taken yourself out of the equation.

By deviating from what “everyone” else is doing, you can avoid the diseases that “everyone” else is getting… the disease statistics don’t apply to you.

So be different, take care of yourself, and take yourself out of the equation — and avoid being another statistic.

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